Writing as a Spiritual Exercise

Last week I undertook a five session exercise from Contemplative Light on Writing as a Spiritual Exercise employing various approaches. The first was to write a myth about myself which evolved into a short story called Out of The Burrow. I thoroughly enjoyed writing the story but I am unsure what it told me about myself or my relationship with the ‘Everlasting One.’  (This is how The Voice refers to God). As all the family love rabbits, (‘flppsies’ as my daughter refers to her rabbits) I decided to send it to all three of them.  

My son says that my voice came through.  I am especially thinking of my family as it is my daughter’s birthday today. However she lives in London so we don’t see much of her. She loved the two cards we sent to her for her birthday and which she didn’t open until this morning. I am delighted to say that she is extremely self disciplined.

It is a glorious, bright, sunny day and she has taken the week off work. It is her sort of day.  She went swimming in the outdoor pools on Hampstead Heath. I couldn’t have hoped for a better day to celebrate her birthday.