Orangeblossom -5


These can be fresh beginnings and new starts.

Some of my clients don’t like endings and I am not especially fond of them. However, if I prepare someone for an endings they are fully prepared to accept this. it isn’t as though I won’t be seeing her ever again. She does live in Lampeter. People are full 

It turned out to be a very pleasant, suitably rounded off experience.  It ended on a better note than it began!  Had one-one-supervision with my Supervisee who is training to be a Supervisor towards the end of the year.  She was very helpful and supportive.

Orangeblossom4-weeding and pruning

i have just had a massive weeding of my applications. Now I hope that I will speed Virginia. That I won’t receive hourly messages to  say that she is almost full to capacity.  There is no virtue in hanging onto things that I don’t use any more. The next step is performing the same operation on the window seat, and if I am brave enough, in the window seat!